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We are very proud to be the first introducing 
full activated Titanium Plates HHO Generators.
Series: HCT"active"

Titanium is not just more durable and withstanding to chemicals and electrolyte, but also the results of HHO gas quality is greater than with any stainless steel 304 or 316L grade. 
Oxy-Hydrogengas (HHO), produced by Titanium plates contains a gas called orthohydrogen which is about 2 to 4 times more powerful during the combustion in an engine, than Oxy-Hydrogengas from stainless steel (parahydrogen).

How does this come? Please do your research on independent websites like "wikipedia" about orthohydrogen and parahydrogen

While HHO gas produced from titanium plates has the same ratio (3:1) of orthohydrogen and parahydrogen, it contains no unwanted catalysts which would convert this very high-energetic orthohydrogen completely into less powerful parahydrogen unlike with stainless steel versions.

Orthohydrogen is about 2 to 4 times more powerful & reactive than parahydrogen!
When used activated Titaniumplates (not the cheap MMO coatings others use) there is also no hexavalent chromium released!
Hexavalent chromium is causing gene defects and cancer. It is very toxic!! 

Using our special activated titanium plates the electrolysis process is now safe!

If we compare two similar HHO generators, one with stainless steel plates and the other one with our activated Titaniumplates, the Titanium one will produce 2 to 4 times more powerful HHO gas, then the one with stainless steel plates, even if the gas putput is the same volume.
Also, our activated Titanium plate Generators are much more durable and have by far a longer life span than stainless steel versions. That's why we are the only company with UNLIMITED miles warranty.

A full Titanium plates HHO Generator with, let's say 1.5 LPM would be comparable with a stainless steel generator with up to 3 to 6LPM @ 12A/h if this would exist.
Or in other words, our activated Titanium Plates HHO Gas Generator just needs less A/h to produce the same HHO Gas ENERGY as a stainless steel plates generator.
Don't get me wrong here, we are talking about the gas-energy, not the volume!

Also, in stainless steel applications, during the electrolysis process there is a discharge at the cathodes of a very toxic substance named hexavalent chromium. This is especially true if the stainless steel grade is less than 316L. Most companies want you to believe it is "just" rust. The truth is, this hexavalent chromium is brown in color and has been linked to cancer, birth defects and gene defects!! You might have seen this as brown colorized water and deposits in cheaper HHO generators.
WARNING: if you own a stainles ssteel hho gas generator and experience brownish water in the system you will have to discharge this water at a special toxic waste facility, otheriwse you are comitting a falony!

As a reminder toxic materials are produced during electrolysis with stainlesss steel plates and we recommend wearing safety gear at all times. By making the choice to purchase our products, you have made the choice to reduce your exposure to toxic materials. 

After completing our own research and learning the dangers asssociated with stainless steel cells, we have decided that we will remove stainless steel gas generators completely from our product line. Also, we offer our titanium dry cells for less than market price to make them more affordable for the customer. Our full activated titanium cells have a value of $750.00 dollars per cell, but we are reducing the price for the public down to $499.00. per cell. With larger orders, greater discounts may apply.

We want to reduce hexavalent chromium as much as we can on our planet.
We think this is everyone's benefit. Please don't support other companies who only produce generators with stainless steel cathodes, or cheap MMO coated products.

Why do we highlight the fact using pure Titanium plates and no MMO coated material?
Well, the MMO is just a cheap coating (mixed metal oxide) what does not prevent chromium ions or other ions from being discharged after a short period of time.
Even with MMO coating (some people want you to believe it is lasting) there will be still a discharge of ions what is toxic and harmful. You will still have brown water after a while with MMO coated plates, the cheap versions of MMO wears off quickly and makes your dry cell last just a few months.

Therefore we use only "activated" titanium plates. These plates are much more expensive, but have proven to be the safest choice. Our newest "activated" titanium dry cells HCT"active" are the highest quality available.

Cells from Titanium are currently the highest quality available on the market and prouduce better HHO gas then stainless steel plates. Regardless of whether you would use 316L or the European VGA stainless steel. Our activated Titanium is the choice for better quality HHO gas and safety.
Another great advantage to titanium cells is their longevity. These cells have a much longer lifespan then stainless steel cells and with our secret treatment we our proud to say that our full titanium dry cells last guarranty up to 10.000 hrs. This length of time is more than 600.000 miles for a vehicle! This dry cell will outlast you car.

Our first production of titanium plates cells was sold out two weeks after announcement in 2009. We appreciate your trust and your business and say THANK YOU to our customers!

Of course we will continue to keep on producing. Secondary to the high cost of titanium we will now produce 200 cells each month for the general public. All other cells are for our distributors.
If you would like to purchasae one of our full titanium dry cells HCT"active", we recommend that you order quickly to be among the 200 available for the public.

News update:
Don't fall for dubious claims from stainless steel producing hho companies! Your life and the life of others is at risk. Soon you will see those companies vanish quickly due to a huge law suit against hexavalent chromium producing (or enabling) companies.

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The clear acrylic plates are for demonstration & experimental purposes only. 
We use black heavy duty outer plates with absolutely no bending or leaking possible!