Our company is your number one source for professional
Hydrogen HHO and fuel saving Conversion Kits for your vehicle.
We surpass the competition, in not only price, but value as well.

With our "retro fit" HHO Hydro Systems you convert
your car to a cleaner vehicle with up to 60% more gas
mileage, installed in just two hours, lifetime warranty.

We have kits for all vehicle sizes, brands and models, from small
cars, trucks to large semi trucks & fleets; we are proud to be able to
serve them all. Your alternative gas solution is here!

For some people the HHO fuel saving conversion is a brand new
invention, but it is not. For about 200 years people new already
about the great power of the water.

„Water, split up into its two simple elements, and certainly split up with electric power, becomes an impressing power which can be handled easily. Yes, I believe my friends, that water one day is used as fuel. “
(1875 - Jules Verne " The mysterious island “)
Back then... read more
For just a few dollars you can convert your own car with our hho kits into a fuel saving hho-hybrid car.
The savings vary from 20% up to 150% more gas mileage.
Distributor in Central America.
save on gas - do it yourself
Hydro conversion:
Read here how to build your conversion kit for your vehicle.
e-Book version
the HHO EFIE Chip

no guess work anymore...
easy plug and play,
fuel savings with or without Hydro Conversions
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